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Avira® AntiVir Professional For Computer Security

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Secure your workstation by Avira AntiVir Professional

Now-a-days you need to protect your computer as there is a wide range of possibility that your computer may get infected by any kind of attacks. So to protect your computer you have to use better antivirus software like Avira AntiVir Professional that will provide complete protection to your computer.

Description of Avira AntiVir Professional along with system requirements has been discussed below.

  • System requirements
  • How does it offer enhanced computer security?
  • How does it affect system performance?
System requirementsSystem

Avira AntiVir Professional provides protection to computer against viruses and hacker attacks. This tool provides optimum protection against viruses and other undesirable attacks with rootkit protection which detects and removes the hidden malware from computer. It uses AHeAD technology to detect and repulse unknown or fast changing malware attacks. This tool provides a real time monitoring of all access to files by an on-access scanner and on-demand scanner for manual or scheduled searches. This tool uses the AntiVir ProActive to detect viruses by their behavioral patterns. It also provides e-mail protection and protection against web surfing. The minimum system requirement to install this software is Windows® 2000 (SP4 and update rollout), Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista® (SP1), and Windows® 7. The system memory requirement is greater than 192 MB for Windows® XP and greater than 512 MB for Windows Vista/Windows® 7. The hard drive space requirement is greater than 40 MB and 100 MB temporary installation space

How does it offer enhanced computer security?

This tool provides protection to the computer by detecting and removing viruses using the advanced scanning technology. It helps detect rootkit and provides protection to the e-mail by using the on-demand and on-access scanner. With the integrated WebGuard and MailGuard scanner it prevents attack through e-mails and web sites by filtering e-mails and examining HTTP-based Internet data traffic. This tool provides archive detection with adjustable recursion depth and other option to handle archives or scan runtime packs. Hence this tool provides an enhanced computer security.

How does it affect system performance?

This tool provides a complete protection to the Internet user with various features and functions that enhance the computer’s security. With this tool you will get a good experience while surfing the Internet or while checking mails. This tool is also efficient when you are playing online games or watching online movies. Hence, this tool works on improving the computer system performance and provides a better workstation to do your intended task without any kind of problem.

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