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Avira® AntiVir Premium Virus Scan

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Tips to efficiently use Avira AntiVir® Premium virus scan

Internet is widely used for a wide range of activities and for this reason one needs to be assured of peace of mind while surfing the web. A huge number of security threats exploit the weakness of your browser to induce malware into your system. Avira AntiVir® premium is a security software that offers an added advantage when surfing the web and using e-mail applications other than protection against virus and spyware attacks. It has added features i.e. WebGuard, AntiDrive-By and EmailScanner that works in combination with other features as AntiVir® and AntiSpyware to protect users from Internet threats.

The need to install a virus scanning software on a PC with Avira AntiVir® Premium and tips to efficiently use Avira AntiVir® Premium, are discussed in the following points.

  • Need to install Avira AntiVir® Premium
  • Tips to use Avira AntiVir® Premium efficiently
  • Effect of Avira AntiVir® Premium on the system’s performance
Need to install Avira AntiVir® Premium

To protect against viruses and other malicious malware from downloading unknowingly while surfing the Internet, the AntiDrive-By tool scans for any download attempt and if any suspicious code is detected it is blocked automatically and an alert is sent to the user. Given that a majority of people nowadays use the Internet for online shopping, banking and business transactions, fraudulent websites are used to deceive people to provide details about credit or debit card, bank account and other sensitive information that may be used for withdrawing money from the victim’s account. The AntiPhishing protects the user from such possibilities by blocking these websites from gaining access to your network. Advertising companies are using e-mails as a mean to propagate their messages. To help prevent the accumulation of such unsolicited e-mails into your inbox, Avira AntiVir® Premium’s EmailScanner effectively eliminates e-mails from suspected senders. Other than that, mail attachment downloads are scanned for possibilities of spyware and adware that may not be detected by the antivirus and are blocked from downloading into your system.

Tips to use Avira AntiVir® Premium efficiently

One of the benefits that come along with using the application is the 24-hour online support. Whenever a user feels that there is an area, they are not well familiar with, they can use the online AviraSupport to get an answer. To ensure that your PC is constantly fine tuned, you can make use of the GenericRepair to automatically correct errors that may occur within software installed in the system. Regular update is also essential to ensure that the product gives back the user value for their money. PC users should thus ensure that Internet connection is always available to enable the software to obtain automatic definition updates for its database.

Effect of Avira AntiVir® Premium on the system’s performance

Avira AntiVir® Premium has a very minimal effect on the performance of the system as it utilizes very fewer resources for installation and execution. It has also been designed for different operating system platforms making it easily portable between Windows® system software.

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