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Virus Scanning Features Of The AVG® Identity Protection

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Virus scanning features of the AVG Identity Protection software

Identity theft is one of the serious issues faced by today’s Internet users. The unauthorized access to the network might result in the loss of your crucial personal information. AVG Identity Protection will offer you complete protection against identity theft. AVG Identity Protection shields your credit card numbers, passwords and other valuables from Internet hackers. This highly developed software could prevent the existing online threats as well as the new and unknown threats. If you install virus scanning software in your PC, it could effectively detect and remove the viruses. Making your PC free from viruses will improve its efficiency. The virus scan software could function well with AVG Identity Protection and will enhance the performance and speed of the system.

To get maximum access to the benefits of the product, a user should use it effectively. Some tips to efficiently use AVG Identity Protection are as follows:

  • Adequate system requirements
  • Use the online knowledge base
  • Download user manual
  • Follow AVG updates
Adequate system requirements

Every computer must have the prescribed system requirements if they want AVG Identity Protection to protect their PC. The system must have 70 MB of free hard disk space, 256 MB of RAM and an Intel Pentium 1.2 GHz or a fast processor. The operating system should also be a compatible one. AVG Identity Protection is compatible with all most all Windows operating system and with Linux. Without these minimum system requirements AVG Identity Protection will not give maximum performance.

Use the online knowledge base

AVG provides their users with a vast and extensive online knowledge base. This might include the online support given to both the home users and the business people. Online support will be available to each and every product of AVG. For using AVG Identity Protection effectively a user could depend on this knowledge base.

Download user manual

User manual is an online guide provided to the users. This user manual contains all details about a particular product. It includes the details regarding installation, time for up gradation, tips for troubleshooting problems etc. Downloading the user manual can help the users to use the software in the prescribed manner.

Follow AVG updates

The updates are necessary to keep the product up-to-date. So, regular updates will improve the efficiency of the software. AVG offers the users with automatic updates and upgrades in order to ensure maximum performance from the product.

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