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AVG® Identity Protection & Virus Checking

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The benefits of using AVG Identity Protection program.

AVG Identity Protection is a part of the AVG Anti-Virus & Firewall product. It can also be downloaded as a single protection tool. It provides protection against identity theft and unknown malware threats using behavioral monitoring.

The benefits of AVG Identity Protection, how it helps in checking virus infections, and the need to upgrade it are discussed here:

  • How it helps to protect your identity
  • Signs of identity theft
  • The benefits of upgrading to this product
How it helps to protect your identity

Up-to-the-minute protection for banking and shopping is offered by AVG Identity Protection. This identity protection program can monitor over 285 different behavioral changes and all processes on a system, whether hidden or overt, to detect various online threats. When an unknown piece of code comes into a protected computer, it is immediately identified and scrutinized for any malicious behavior and is tracked. If the file is malicious, AVG Identity Protection removes the code and tidies up the files to undo the changes made on it. You don’t need to initiate a scan to ensure that your system is protected. This product is proactive as it does not need updates and is always on the guard.

Signs of identity theft

A case of identity theft is usually seen when all of a sudden there are unexplained bills, confusing phone calls, or sudden drops in your credit scores. You may know that you are a victim of identity theft in case you get bills of goods which you never bought, receive calls from collection agencies trying to collect goods that you never bought, or when you get turned down for loans, although you were thinking that your credit score is healthy. When your credit card statements are delayed and new unauthorized accounts show up in your credit history, this is another sign that suggests identity theft. When you install AVG Identity Protection, it ceases the malicious codes from entering your computer or retrieving the stored information on it, thereby protecting your identity.

The benefits of upgrading to this product

AVG offers a second layer of protection when you go online by adding protection from new and unknown threats. With AVG Identity Protection, there is no need for scheduling updates and scans. It is simple to download and install. When you install AVG Identity Protection, it goes to work directly and there is no need to do anything more. But in case you need to find out much more about the features of the program, it has a simple-to-use interface, and you can click the appropriate icon and explore.

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