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avast!™ Windows® Home Server Edition Updates

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What is avast! Windows Home Server Edition? Why should it be updated? What will happen if it is not updated?

avast! Windows Home Server Edition is an antivirus provided by avast!. It is a perfect solution for keeping your computer out of reach from attacks by viruses, spyware, Trojans, malware etc. It runs on different kinds of Windows Home Server including, Medion Home Server, HP Mediasmart Server, Iomega HomeCenter Server, Tranquil Harmony Home Server, Fujitsu Siemens SCALEO Home Server and many more. It is also important to constantly update this antivirus so that you can enjoy its benefits for a longer period.

Some of the compelling reasons to update it are:

  • On-access and On-demand scan
  • Virus Chest
  • Smooth monitoring
  • Preference Control


On-access and On-demand scan

avast! Windows Home Server Edition provides on-access and on-demand virus scan of the files on your computer. This ensures that you can enjoy protection from viruses and other harmful programs whenever you want, apart from system scheduled scanning.

Virus Chest

This is one segment in avast! antivirus for windows home server edition, where all viruses and other infected programs are stored and quarantined for the safety of your computer.

Smooth monitoring

This antivirus application provides you with easy steps for installation and further management of the malicious programs which are caught by it.

Preference Control

This antivirus application provides a wide range of options for you to set your own preference control in making sure that your computer is protected in the best possible manner.

If avast! Windows Home Server Edition is not updated on a periodic basis then it will not be very efficient in securing your computer. Even if it is able to detect and fight against the old viruses, it might fail in throwing away the latest threats and make your PC more vulnerable to the infections and hackers. Un-updated avast! antivirus program might also be unable to perform on-access and on-demand scanning for your files.

avast! antivirus for Windows Home Server is very easy to update, as it happens automatically once you install it on your computer. At times, it installs new update files from three to four times in a day. All these update files, help this application in picking up the right kind of tools for shielding your system from attacks. However sometimes, you might be unable to update this antivirus application due to issues like Internet is not available, update files are corrupt, disk space is full etc. Do not get bogged down when this happens, rather call up the expert services of iYogi tech supports and fix up the issue of avast! antivirus for your servers.

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