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avast!™ Free Antivirus

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Benefits of avast! Free Antivirus

avast! Free Antivirus is ideal for individuals who often send electronic mail & visit popular web pages. If used correctly avast! Free Antivirus will protect your computer against any virus infection, malware threats, with a combination of other programs such as the information and data backup system it will significantly reduce the risk of assault to your computer.

Features of avast! Free Antivirus is discussed here:

  • Benefits
  • Symptoms of virus infection and how it helps to clean the virus
  • Upgrading benefits of avast! Free Antivirus

avast! Free Antivirus contains all the features you can expect in a contemporary antivirus program. It is based on the winning engine of avast! Free Antivirus 5.0. It also has the anti rootkits and strong self defense ability. It has an improved detection capability which has an even faster scanning ability. It also comes with a revamped user interface for simpler scanning. The avast! Antivirus contains various shields that constantly monitors your e-mail, web connections, and files in your PC. It’s additional features include a script shield as well as a method virtualization module. avast! Internet Security 5.0 comes with an antispam filter and built-in firewall. It runs quietly in the background to protect your computer against infections from all known forms of malware.

How avast! Free antivirus helps to clean the virus

avast! helps in cleaning every known virus, adware, and other forms of the malicious program by using its actual time anti rootkit protection to check all the kernel- mode drivers the operating process is loading for signs of rootkit behaviors. avast! has got a community IQ which is deployed in the behavior shield and rootkit modules. avast! is also able to emulate a suspicious program code in the isolated surroundings, after the encounter. It features a new heuristic engine, designed to proactively detect malware, which are undetected by normal definitions. This engine can cover both binary and script malware. It’s and a feasible unwanted program detection that detects any undesirable program that tries to access your computer.

Benefits of avast! Free Antivirus virus check

The upgrading benefits of avast! Free Antivirus checks are many. Some of them include the boot time scanner, wake up for scanner, command line scanner, scheduled scanning, and avast! intelligent scanner. Its shield has got behavior shield, which has a behavioural honey pots file technique shield, mail shield, web shield, P2P shield, IM shield, and network shield. Its updates consist of intelligent virus definition updates and rapid applications of updates. It has gaming and CPU optimizations.

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