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avast!™ Free Antivirus For Windows® XP®

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avast! Free Antivirus compatible with Windows XP platform will protect PC against the viruses and spyware. Moreover, it will safeguard PC against the wide range of Internet threats.
In this section we will get to know more about;

  • Compatibility of avast! Free Antivirus vis-à-vis Windows XP
  • Its impact on system’s speed and performance
  • Its effectiveness with respect to built-in firewall available in Windows XP system

Compatibility of avast! Free Antivirus vis-à-vis Windows XP

The compatibility of avast! Free Antivirus vis-à-vis Windows XP is truly unique. This software effectively working with Windows XP has many excellent features. These are real time graphic scanning reports and easy navigation for graphical interface. This tool processes the infected files automatically without the instruction of user. It is integrated with version 5.0 avast! to offer a proactive definition for the detection and elimination of the malware that are not detectable. It has an efficient capability to emulate program code for generic packing as well as the heuristic engine. This novel software essentially encompasses dynamic translation technique.

Its impact on system’s speed and performance

avast! Free Antivirus will effectively increase the system’s speed and performance since it is highly optimized for the latest Intel Core i7 CPUs where the engine code has been highly optimized to offer the performance utilizing the latest Intel chips. Moreover, it offers highest CPU optimization delivering the multi-thread scanning which runs faster on new multi-core CPUs. This Windows XP compatible tool allows the splitting of large individual files between cores thus accelerating the speed of scanning and eventually increasing the performance and speed of system. Its new format reduces the requirement on the memory of the system thus resulting into a faster system.

Its effectiveness with respect to built-in firewall available in Windows XP system

avast! Free Antivirus allows the user to scan the computer for threats before the initiation of the operating system and before the virus gets activated. This is specifically for the 32-bit system. It has an excellent feature of wake-up scan and in addition permits user to define the time of the scan as well. It monitors the activity of the computer using a number of sensors like file system, registry and highly reports the suspicious behaviors. It offers the highest coverage of shields from files to mail, web, P2P, IM and network shield.

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