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Are you aware of the need and benefits of antivirus software in your system, and their functioning?

The threat of viruses infecting your system is one of the biggest worries for all computer users. Basically there are just two options to restrict viruses from entering your system. The first is to isolate your system from the outer world i.e. disconnecting it from the Internet or any other network, and by avoiding the use of any removable media. The second option is to secure your PC by install antivirus software.

Here we will discuss the functioning of antivirus software, need and benefits of antivirus software and things to keep in mind while selecting the right antivirus software.

  • How antivirus software work?
  • Need and benefits of antivirus software
  • Selecting the right antivirus software
How antivirus software work?

Antivirus software is designed to block the entry of any malicious code to your PC system. They analyze information, and if it finds that something is infected, it disinfects or deletes it. Based on the origin of information, the information is scanned in different ways. The antivirus program will function differently while monitoring floppy disk operations, and in a different manner while monitoring e-mail traffic or activities over a LAN. The principle is similar but there are subtle differences. An antivirus software typically uses two different techniques to accomplish this. The first is by examining files to look for known viruses by means of a virus dictionary, and the second is by identifying suspicious behavior from any computer program which might indicate infection.

Need and benefits of antivirus software

Antivirus software is used to identify and delete harmful viruses and spyware on a system. Usually viruses are embedded on popular websites by their creators. When anyone visits these websites unknowingly or purposely, then it infects the user’s system without his/her knowledge. To stop being infected from such viruses, you need the antivirus software. With antivirus software installed on your system, viruses and spyware are properly removed from your infected computer system and prevent your personal data from unknown users. Most antivirus software programs can easily identify common and uncommon malware applications that have been unknowingly installed on your system.

Selecting the right antivirus software

To prevent your system from any virus infection, it is very important to choose antivirus software that meets the requirements of your system. First see if you already have antivirus software installed on your PC or not. If it is there, simply upgrade it by downloading updates from the official website of the software manufacturer. If you do not have any antivirus software installed then you have to do a little online research to see which antivirus manufacturer offers software for your individual computer. Also, look for antivirus product that offers two-three user licenses as it will allow you to use that software on more than one PC. Do not limit yourself to just antivirus software, prefer one that includes spyware protection features for added protection. If usability and easy installation is most important to you, go for simple and user-friendly software instead of one with multiple features.

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